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Swept’s janitorial software does all the heavy lifting—robust scheduling, time tracking, supply management, problem reporting, translation, and much more. 

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Simplifying the lives of those touched by the janitorial industry around the world

Swept's janitorial software isn't just another solution—it's the change maker. Our relentless pursuit centers around you, and your cleaners. We can simplify the tasks that need to get done and fuel business growth. Never compromise, trust Swept.

Powerful desktop app for managers

Get back more of your day and put your mind at ease. When you have a 101 things to do, Swept helps you accomplish your daily tasks in less time—schedule missing shifts, track time, organize supply runs, manage problems reported, and so much more.

Convenient mobile app for cleaners

Cleaners are at the heart of your cleaning business so we support them in a meaningful way. Swept supplies them with all the information they need to do their best work in their native language. While allowing for easy time tracking, problem reporting, supply requests, and location alerts.

The support your busy janitorial company needs

So what do these numbers amount to? Easy answer: Swept helps you put your cleaners first, and prevents a lot of fires before they even start!

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Manage your janitorial business, staff, and clients—all from the cloud

Swept's comprehensive janitorial app is trusted by thriving janitorial companies around the world.

We have been using Swept for about 1 year, total game changer for my company! We have grown from 14 employees to 74 in 1 years time, we couldn’t have accomplished the coordination and communication amongst my team without the use of Swept.

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Trusted by the industry and our customers


4.5 of 5 rating on


4.4 of 5 rating on

"In the three years we've worked with Swept we've more than doubled our business, and there's no way we could've done it without them."
Picture Perfect Cleaning
"How was I not using this before? Our day and night cleaning teams have never communicated before, but now they do – and the number of messages I receive has decreased greatly. Our morale has been boosted."
Zoë Facility Services

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