Manage Your Cleaning Business Better Than Ever Before

Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking! Swept helps save you time so you can win more contracts and grow your business.

  Track Time, Flexibly
    Our location-aware GPS allows cleaners to clock in anytime, anywhere, from their mobile device. And it's payroll ready.
  Simple, Smart Scheduling
    With Swept you can easily view schedules by location or cleaner. And you'll get smart alerts and automatic reminders about jobs.
  Easy and Reliable Inspections
    Inspections are easy to setup, highly customizable, and include walkthrough checklists. They can be done remotely and on mobile.
  Give your Team Instructions
    You can give location-aware instructions - with multi-language support - all in an easy to use mobile app.
  See Problem-Reports Fast
    Swept provides your team with a clear record of who reported problems, and when. Identify issues fast and manage, track, and resolve problems on the fly.
  Worry-free Supply Management
    With Swept, you'll never worry about supplies again. Easily order what supplies you need and manage all your supplies in one place.
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Gain a competitive edge over your peers

Stop running around putting out fires, and start winning more contracts with smart, simple janitorial business software designed for your commercial cleaning business.

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Manage Contracts and Impress Your Customers

Never let another cleaning contract fall through the cracks! Your competitors say they deliver quality, but with Swept you'll prove it.

Stay Connected and Have Peace of Mind

Swept provide a great way for your cleaners to stay connected to you. It provides your team a clear record of when and who reported problems, so no stone is left unturned.

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Improve Team Communication to Increase Output

Better communication with your team makes them feel more supported and increases their productivity. Swept helps your team stay on top of their schedule and ensures that minor issues don’t turn into bigger problems.

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How was I not using this before? Our day and night cleaning teams have never communicated before, but now they do – and the number of messages I receive has decreased greatly. Our morale has been boosted..

Zoë Facility Services

With a group of five managers, we are easily saving $10,000 a year plus fuel cost. We now have more accountability within our teams – where they are, what they are up to, and how we can help them. For our clients of the past 20 years, we are once again stepping it up. For our new clients, we are raising the bar.

Maintenance One

We have been using Swept for about 1 year, total game changer for my company! We have grown from 14 employees to 74 in 1 years time, we couldn’t have accomplished the coordination and communication amongst my team without the use of Swept.

Facility Concierge Services

You were a cleaning company before and it’s obvious, or you wouldn’t have had the foresight to build something this great. I can’t wait to rave about this to everyone.

Florida Cleaning Systems

I didn’t think it was possible to find a piece of software that is this laser focused and specifically designed for my company. One of the best moments using Swept was when my staff connected the dots and started getting excited. They had the realization that this can work and was going to save them an immense amount of time. It was a game changer.

Inside Out Cleaning

Swept is empowering our front line. Our cleaners. Designed from the bottom up, with the cleaner in mind.

Janitor Jack

Trusted by the Industry

Leading industry associations use and recognize Swept as world-class software
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry
Swept is Trusted by the Janitorial Industry

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