2 New Features for CleaningJobs.co

Since we launched CleaningJobs back in the beginning of May we've had a tonne of great suggestions.  We're excited to announce the release of 2 new features to CleaningJobs.co 

Starting today, applicants will be able to submit resumes with their application.  Hiring managers will be able to make attaching a resume mandatory or optional.

Based on research we conducted when designing CleaningJobs, we recommend making this step optional.  This is due to the fact that close to 60% of the applications submitted are done on a mobile phone.  

The second feature allows managers the ability to find and attach applicants of previous jobs to new jobs. Now, each time a new job is created, we'll show you any previous applicants that match the criteria for your job.

Simply create a new job, and click Yes to add all previous applicants and we'll attach them to your new position.

Thanks to all our users for providing great feedback! We're looking forward to bringing you more features in the coming months.

- The Swept Team