Why Communication is the Key to a successful Janitorial Business

Read Time: 3 mins

Communication. It can be hard to define. But definition aside—it’s important for any business. In the janitorial industry it couldn’t be more critical.

But what does communication mean? By definition, it’s exchanging information or news. There are two types of communication: one-way, and two-way

In a business, one-way communication isn’t a good thing. Because it recognizes that there are two people with something to say, but one of them is being completely ignored.

At Swept we believe that one-way communication leads to mistakes, frustrated customers, and cleaner turnover :(

Swept is designed to promote two way communication. Allowing everyone to be heard naturally and effortlessly, whether it’s with your clients or cleaners.


In short: absolutely yes. Here’s an example of why:

Imagine this — it’s 7AM in the dead of winter in the Mid-West. You receive a frustrated call from a client, saying that they’re tired of your cleaners not doing their job properly. The lunchroom and back bathrooms haven’t been cleaned again. The client is fed up, and tells you they’ll be finding a new cleaning service.

You call your employee to ask what happened. Your employee explains that the entryway of the store was covered in a thick layer of dried salt, which customers had brought in from outside. Your cleaner, knowing they wouldn’t have enough time to tackle the floors and the back rooms, made a decision to thoroughly clean the entryway, so that it would be spotless when customers came in the next day.

Because your client's business was a retail location, your cleaner made the right call by putting the customers business first. Unfortunately, you didn’t know any of this had happened because the cleaning shift took place late at night. As a result, you heard about this directly from the client, risking the health of your contract.
At Swept, before focusing on software, we owned and ran a janitorial company. This situation happened to us, and we know it happens all the time. Here at Swept, we’ve learned the hard way how important communicating is… so that you don’t have to.


There’s a philosophy that if you put your employees first, the rest of your business will fall into place. Happy employees will let you know about problems, represent you well and won’t jump to a new job 3 months later, because they care about you and your business.

Having those happy employees starts with making them feel heard by their managers. They need to feel valued by the company they work for, rather than being overlooked as someone who just cleans. We know your cleaners are so much more than that. They’re the rise or fall of your business—if you give them the tools to succeed, they’ll use them and grow your business with you.


We make things simple by helping you communicate all feedback and issues in your business easily.

We’ve created a 3 min tour to show you how easy it is to get started — check it out!