Swept Janitorial Hiring ToolKit

Save Time and Money on Hiring! Tools to Help You Find and Keep Great Cleaners

We know that finding great cleaners takes precious time away from your customers. Here are some of the tools and resources we’ve created to help you improve your hiring process so you can spend less time posting job ads and more time growing your business.


This free tool allows you to create a job posting and set the criteria for your ideal candidate. Then, you advertise the position and we’ll send you the best applicants.

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The Complete Guide to Hiring for Your Janitorial Company

The goal of this guide is to provide you and your team with a look at some new approaches to hiring in your cleaning company. It’s designed to help you think differently about hiring and see how, with just a few minor changes, your team will save time and money.

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Streamlining Your Hiring Process (Video Tutorial)

In this 17 minute video, Swept COO Matt Cooper shares with you a free tool that will save you 90% of the time it takes to hire great cleaners. He also goes over what makes a great job posting, and provides tips for training that will save you time and money.

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How to Create and Employee Referral Program (Blog Post)

One source for great employees that many cleaning businesses overlook or under utilize is their existing staff. In this post, we outline 6 key ideas that will help you develop an employee referral program.

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How to Write a Great Cleaner Job Posting (Blog Post)

In this post we cover a simple framework that will make sure you’re job postings stand out in a crowd and create the opportunity for you to attract the best cleaner for your team — so you can keep cleaners longer and spend less time hiring.

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Interview Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of applicants, it’s time to see if they are a fit for your team’s culture.  We’ve provided a starting point for questions to cover when interviewing and scoring new cleaner applicants.

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Swept Janitorial Hiring ToolKit