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When you think of tech, the janitorial industry isn’t typically the first thing to pop in your mind, but as with most industries today, technological solutions exist for almost every issue and pain point you can imagine. The commercial cleaning industry is no exception, and so we’ve compiled a list to get you started on the journey to embrace the future…today.  


1 – Social Media Marketing


Let’s start with the most obvious tech that’ll change the landscape of your cleaning business… your social media channels! Make a list of all the social media outlets you can think of: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. If your company doesn’t have any social media presence, start with creating a LinkedIn profile and familiarize yourself with the platform and the type of content other companies share. 


Most, if not all your customers and clients spend a fair amount of time online these days. The average American spends at least 24 hours online every week. That’s a whole day! So it stands to reason that this is a great place to advertise your services. If you want to know more about social media strategy, have a read of our blog, 4 Common Social Media Mistakes. 


Think about your social media as an extension of your company. Start producing relevant articles and posts, and be sure to complete your “info page” (otherwise, how will people find you?). All of your content should link directly back to your web page and help to drive traffic, and stay visible for potential customers. 

If you’d like to hear some tips and best practice advice with regards to your website, check out our article on just that topic here.


2 – Team Management Software


Communication is an essential part of running a business successfully. The days of individual emails and paper memos are long gone. If you want any hope of keeping track of all incoming, outgoing, and client communications, you need the right software. Managed by Q is our top pick for team management software. Their software allows you to manage, delegate, plan, and your work. It even helps you measure your impact. We find that it has virtually every feature we would want from a team management platform: booking and managing office services like cleaning and repairs, collecting workplace requests from employees like ordering more snacks, and organizing all the tasks that need to be done—all in one place.


3 – Janitorial Software 

If you have any interest in growing your business or expanding, you’ll need the right software to help you automate and keep track of tasks. If you are doing your own scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and supply management, you’re using valuable time that could be better spent focusing on growth. Swept was made by janitorial industry veterans to deal directly with the pain points within a commercial cleaning company. For your essentials, you’ll want to save time fighting fires, and managing employees in the field. Looking at trends in janitorial industry sectors all over North America clearly shows that companies concerned with growth require comprehensive solutions. Which is exactly why Swept was made. 

In order to connect and improve lives at all levels of commercial janitorial companies, from cleaners themselves, to management, and clients, Swept’s software puts the most sought after quality-of-life features within the commercial cleaning industry under one roof, and empowers clients to be proactive instead of reactive. Swept saves time and broadens communication, while improving methods of scheduling, reporting, time tracking, and so much more, by bringing them into the modern era in a way that has function, value, and meaning.

4 – The Cloud 


We can’t stress enough how important it is for a business to keep records.,Not only is it important, but it’s illegal not to! So if you are still leaving a paper trail behind, bring your record-keeping into the modern-day by backing everything up digitally. But even computers can fail, so back it all up one more time on the Cloud. There are lots of free cloud services like Google Drive, and DropBox, so you won’t have any difficulty finding a place to keep the backups of your backups. Not only will your data be safe from harm and happenstance, but you’ll be able to access any of it from anywhere on the planet. Which may come in handy if suddenly you are being audited while on vacation in Malaysia, and need to provide your tax documents from 2000 miles away.

5 – Proposal/Bidding Software


And while we are taking a leisurely stroll into the present day, let’s talk about bidding and proposals. How much time do you waste making custom powerpoint or PDF proposals that probably don’t look much better than an average college student’s presentation? It’s ok, we’re not all graphic designers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have beautifully crafted, professional, and easy to read proposals. Just think of the time you’ll save not having to manually craft a custom proposal ever again? Our recommendation for proposal building software is Proposify. Close more deals more often, track your proposals, and manage your team, all in one place with Proposify’s comprehensive suite of features. And they aren’t just limited to proposals. Send quotes, draft contracts, and pretty much any other sales document you can imagine. We honestly can’t imagine what it was like before we started using it.

If you need further help making the proposal and bidding process easy, Swept offers a free Quick Estimate App. Give accurate estimates as you are doing walkthroughs and impress potential clients. And best of all± it doesn’t cost anything. 

Enough said right?

And on that note, our list draws to a close, but that doesn’t mean this is the end. Technology advances literally every single day, and it’s important to keep up with trends if you want your company to stay on top and lead the charge to success.

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