Grow Your Cleaning Company 

An AMA (Q&A) with Mike Campion 


We recently had business guru, and good friend Mike Campion join us for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) style webinar. For those who don’t know him, Mike is the author of “I’m A Freaking Genius Why is This Business so HARD?”, and owner of Grow My Cleaning Company. He has a passion for coaching owners of cleaning companies to get more contracts, have more fun, and live the life they always dreamed of! 


We had some hard-hitting questions for Mr. Campion, and he absolutely knocked them out of the park with incredibly valuable, insightful, and even at times thoughtful answers that got us right in the feels. 


We’ve created a podcast from the AMA, so you can enjoy it even on your morning jog, or if you just don’t feel like watching it in video form. 


And of course, if you want to take in the full video, you can rewatch it here.

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