When we started our cleaning company years ago, we had no idea the amount of time that we would spend finding and hiring great, dependable cleaners.

After countless hours of trial and error, we came up with a way to automate 95% of the process so we could focus on interviews with people that were as serious about working with us as we were with them.

Out of this process we designed an approach that was part process and part technology. The idea was simple: create a simple application process that allows cleaners to screen themselves based on what they were looking for and what we had to offer.

We found the secret to finding a great cleaner is to quickly find the cleaner that is the best match for the position you have. And so, CleaningJobs.co was born.

Today, we’re excited to announce CleaningJobs.co is ready to go.

A free tool designed for managers of janitorial companies to help them find cleaners that work as hard as they do. We hope this tool saves you and your team as much time as it did ours.

Happy Hiring!

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