Swept Release 4.2 and Onward


What is the difference between a revolution and an evolution? Revolutions overthrow social order in favour of a new system, they progress us as a society and set new standards. Evolutions are gradual developments, slow in nature, which take something simple to a more complex form. For too long, the janitorial industry has been hindered by evolution and not revolution. 

Swept’s mission is to have a lasting impact by simplifying the lives of people touched by the janitorial industry, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

After countless hours of gathering customer and industry feedback and analyzing user requests, we’re ready to start releasing revolutionary work that will impact your janitorial company in a substantial and meaningful way, creating lasting impact. 

The first things you’ll notice are overall changes to Swept’s look and feel. We care deeply about allowing you to do your most important tasks in less time, with fewer clicks. This means we’re saying goodbye to clunky workflows and introducing new, streamlined ones. It also means we’re going to be providing more value with improved reporting. We’re delivering what you have been asking for.


New Supplies Section. 

Supplies are a critical component for every janitorial business. Ensuring your staff has what they require to do their work, is an important role for all owners and/or operational managers.



Now, with Swept, it’s easier to find supply reports and use the supply section. We have collapsed cumbersome areas of the Swept app, such as Supplier Details, and put them all in one convenient location—creating a better user experience and helping you do your mission-critical work. 

Check out our Help Center to learn more.



We’re Definitely Listening—Semi-monthly Pay Periods on the 15th and the Final Day of the Month.


Pay periods vary from janitorial business to janitorial business. We’re giving you the flexibility you need by introducing semi-monthly pay periods. This is just one of the many changes coming which will help our current and future users do their jobs more easily.



Check out our Help Center to learn more. 

And, you’ll Start to Notice so Much More. 

This is just the start. Under development are a huge amount of features, functionality, and user experience improvements that will support you in managing and growing your business. We hope that you consider us a valuable operational assistant and we continue to grow together. Please continue providing feedback, and together we will grow and create lasting change.



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