3 Reasons Your Website is Costing You New Customers

Read Time: 5 mins

As the owner of a janitorial business, you’ve likely evaluated a wide range of investments for your business. Adding services, upgrading your cleaning equipment, or investing in technology are all needed to improve your cleaning company. You may not however think about your website when considering things that need upgrades. 



Your professional online presence begins with your website. It is the single most important digital asset you own that will grow your customer base by connecting with customers ready to buy, adding to your credibility, and appealing to a new generation of decision makers that heavily depend on the internet when selecting a service. The website you created 5 years ago isn't doing what you think it is, in fact, it may be doing exactly the opposite.

#1 The Sales Process Begins Online

The best time to reach your potential customers is when they are searching for a cleaning solution for their home or business — and they will generally begin this search online. More than 2.4 billion people go online each day, and 62 percent do so for research purposes.

Without a modern Web-based presence for your janitorial business, your company won't  be an answer to these searches and you’ll miss the opportunity to reach researchers looking for cleaning services. By contrast, a professionally designed website makes it easier for potential customers to find your business — and can then be used to show these customers why your services are the best solution for them.

#2 A Digital Presence Is Critical to Your Credibility

Your Janitorial website not only makes it possible to reach new customers but also adds to your credibility as a professional business. This is a huge benefit for your company, even if most of your current new customers come from word-of-mouth referrals.

Most potential customers, on hearing of your janitorial business, will look it up online. Imagine for a minute if you saw people drive up to your physical office, take one step in the front door, then immediately turn around and leave. Would you do something about it? Of course you would! If your website is tired and hasn't had any recent updates in the last few years, this is exactly what's happening online.

Worse yet, when it does, your prospective customer may turn to a rival business, as they will likely feel more comfortable with a cleaning company with an informative website.

In order to make the best use of your online presence, you should demonstrate your credibility with a professionally designed site that clearly explains the services and advantages that your business provides. A poorly designed website can be an even worse selling point for your cleaning company than having no website at all.

#3 Millennial Decision-Makers Think Differently

With millennials having an increasing influence in B2B purchase decisions (nearly 50% according to a recent study) it's important to understand their research processes when it comes to selecting a janitorial business. As they've grown up to expect all information they need to be online, the Internet is where they begin all of their research. If your cleaning company doesn't have a website, or you do, but it looks outdated, these millennial decision-makers will not find you - and even if they do find your business online, they're unlikely to trust or hire a company with a website that looks out of date.

Since millennials do three times more searches by phone, one important thing to remember is that your website should also be optimized to display and function perfectly on mobile devices as well as on desktop. 

Where to Begin

The first place to start is to think about what specific questions you want your website to answer. Start by asking your front line staff what questions people ask when they call your company today. What questions do they have, can you answer that on your site?

Next is to talk about why your company is truly different. Most janitorial websites talk about the same 3 things in their "Why Us" section. We have a great team, we deliver quality services and we use green products. Assume 100% of your competition offers the exact same thing. What else do you offer? Why does your company exist?

Your website needs to answer questions that go deeper than what services you offer. Some examples are:

  • How does your quality system work?
  • Where do you find your cleaners?
  • What training does your staff get?
  • What technologies do you use to improve communication with your staff?
  • What is it that your customers love about your service?

Design to the rescue

If you don't have a website yet, getting started can be overwhelming - but there are many resources you can use to get a great site up and running. Software like Squarespace, Wix and similar providers give you the ability to select website templates that are easy to customize for your business.

This is why the content is so important! Knowing what you want to say and making sure your customers can answer their questions is key to your success. The designs you can select from will take care of making your business look professional but it's important to plan your content well to make sure it delivers on your visitors expectations.

Having a professional website for your cleaning company is more than just following a trend of being online. An Internet presence provides key benefits that will bring more customers to your business. With a modern looking website, you can be the solution they find when searching for cleaning services, demonstrate the professionalism of your business, and be available anytime customers have a question or interest in your services.