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Our technology is powered by amazing humans - full stop.

We genuinely care about our team and our customers. This can be observed from the values that we created, but more importantly, by the outcomes we see by living them.

Our team is very diverse, not because we set a mandate but because we hire awesome people. We value our diversity across all areas (race, colour, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability) and see it as a strength that we can harness to connect with our customers.

To sum it up, we are pretty easygoing… We care about humans and like to win.

Our Core Values


Human but high performing
Humans are not perfect. We experience ups and downs inside and outside of our careers. By supporting each other through the journey, we find creative paths to win together despite the ups and downs we face.

We lead the conversation
From our product to our thought leadership

We obsess about our customers
Our obsession to solve their problems influences everything we do and build

We are committed to growth
Of our team, company, customers, and industry

Swept Technologies, Inc.

PO Box 27172 Fenwick
Halifax, NS B3H 4M8


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