Swept Certification – Inside Out Cleaning

What Does it Mean to be a Swept Certified Business?

Inside-Out Cleaning

This page certifies that Inside-Out Cleaning of Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada is a Swept Certified Business. By using Swept to improve communication in their business, Inside-Out Cleaning has proven their commitment to supporting their employees and providing quality cleaning services.


Matching an employee and position with care benefits both them and the cleaning company. A company that uses Swept to attract great candidates and identify the best cleaner for each job leads to positive, long-term employment, which in turn results in higher quality service for your business.


Clear and concise communication is key to running a proactive business. A skilled manager knows this, and ensures quality standards are consistently being met. This company uses Swept to communicate to their cleaners what success looks like when cleaning your business, and keeps you in the loop should issues arise.


When each cleaner understands their contribution and how it improves the daily lives of other people, customer satisfaction increases. The company uses Swept to recognize and communicate how improving the cleanliness of your business impacts the lives of your team members.