The 21 Day Sales Challenge

Getting You Ready to Win Your Next Cleaning Contract

The 21 Day Sales Challenge

STEP 1: Taking Charge of the Walk Through

A key part of the sales process is the initial meeting with a potential client. We’ve created a Walk Through Checklist and put together this video to help you nail your next one.


Download your walk-through checklist!

STEP 2 : Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

We firmly believe that the key to winning a new contract is to reset the client’s expectations of the cleaning industry. They likely have pre-determined ideas about how the conversation will go; they expect you to talk about your company’s attention to detail, how reliable you are, and the types of cleaning supplies you use. To stand out from your competition, you’ll need to reset their expectations. Here are some ways to do this:

STEP 3 : Bidding and Closing the Sale

When bidding on a space there will always be risks to both you and the person hiring you. From their perspective, they don’t want to pay too much for your services, or be stuck in a contract if they are unhappy with your work. On the other hand, there is a risk to you that you will undercharge for the space and it will not be a profitable job.

Use our Bidding Calculator


Generate a Professional Proposal

This tool can help you track as you bid on multiple janitorial contracts. If you have a few leads you are waiting to hear from, the Bidding Calculator will help you keep track of your active and inactive bids as well as the resulting profits.

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