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When companies start looking to replace their cleaning company, it’s generally because their current provider failed them in some way. Other than price, the most common issue is a failure to deliver on the scope of work with consistent results. Your contract is your commitment to your customer, proving you can keep your brand promise and deliver a consistent standard of cleanliness.


Location-based instructions are useful when you want to ensure everyone that works at the same location has the same instructions. For example, if you don't want them to dust certain areas or use certain cleaning products, you can include that in your instructions. You can make it even easier by adding pictures to be crystal clear of the expectation at a particular site.

Our customers love this feature because it saves them time and money. They no longer have to spend hours writing up instructions and then printing them off only to find out they missed something or needed to add more detail. Bonus - Cleaner Instructions in Swept can be automatically translated into your cleaners’ language of choice!


It’s the little things that count. When it comes to cleaning, checklists are one of the most important tools you have in your arsenal. They keep your team on track and ensure that every task is completed — and done right. Checklists allow you to set your clients' preferences in detail and know that the high standard expected has clearly been communicated to your cleaners at the start of their shift — leaving no room for mistakes!

Enhanced Checklists

Our Enhanced Checklists allow you to assign tasks to individual cleaners, track their progress as they complete them and see what's been done, what still needs to be completed, and who's responsible for each task. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annually recurring checklists—allowing you to set them once and have it automated forever more—or until you put an end date!

Combine Inspections with Checklists and Instructions

Cover your bases from start to finish with Swept’s suite of Quality Assurance features. Instructions and Checklists set your cleaners up for success. While Inspections allow you to close the loop both for you and your clients.

What our users say

“I like that I can see when the cleaners have been to the office, for how long, and if problems arise they can take pictures or message me right away. I no longer have to have a pen and paper to check in off when things are done. When something is not working or damaged they take a picture of it and it makes solving problems quick and easy.”
Administrative Assistant (Capterra)
“Our service has people all over the city, unable to communicate effectively without using many email, text threads, and phone calls. All of these are really good ways to lose important information. Swept has given our team the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Our cleaners also know what they are supposed to be doing when they arrive every night thanks to the built-in instruction area.”
IT Specialist (Capterra)
“This is one of the best products out there for managing commercial janitorial business because it allows each property to have all the details explained to our staff, with instructions, alarm codes, etc.”
COO (Director of Finance (Capterra))

Your Questions Answered

What kind of content can I upload into Cleaner Instructions?

In addition to writing instructions directly into Swept, you can also upload PDFs, photos and even videos.

Will I get What if my cleaners aren’t comfortable reading English?

Swept automatically translates Instructions and Checklists into 100+ languages. Whichever language your cleaner has set up on their personal device will be the language they read for Instructions and Checklists.

What’s the difference between Checklists and Instructions?

Think of Instructions as the place you explain how to clean something correctly. You may also include specific details about a location. Checklists are the specific steps a cleaner needs to complete during their shift to meet the expectations of the client.

For example, a checklist might include a step for “putting chairs on the tables before mopping”, and the instructions would have a photo showing what this looks like in detail, along with a note that if the cleaner notices any fold-up chairs, they should store these in the office closet.

What is the difference between Checklists and Enhanced Checklists?

Checklists are assigned to a specific location and are not required to be completed before a cleaner logs out.

Enhanced checklists allow you to schedule and assign it to a specific cleaner so they are aware they need to complete the checklist before they sign out.
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