Cleaner Problem Reporting

Solve problems before they become client issues

  • Cleaners can give updates at the end of their shift
  • Helps create a culture of transparency where cleaners feel comfortable reporting problems
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

If there's an issue with your service, it's best to find out about it right away so that you can address it and get back on track. When problems go unreported and your client has to be the one to tell you about it, you risk the trust and relationship you’ve built with your client.

Swept’s Problem Reporting feature lets your team give an update at the end of their shift of any problems that may have impacted the quality of their clean. For example, maybe a meeting was happening after hours, so your cleaner wasn’t able to clean a particular meeting room.

Creating a culture where cleaners feel safe to report problems, allows you and your team to stay on top of the details. Contracts are often lost because of small issues that happen over and over. Problem reporting gives everyone visibility on things that may impact the quality of a clean.

What our users say

“The ability to manage supplies at multiple locations is a great feature. Communication with the field works pretty good as well. When we come into the office in the morning we can see any issues the crews report during their shift.”
Bryan G
Finance Director (Capterra)
“I like that I can see when the cleaners have been to the office, for how long, and if problems arise they can take pictures or message me right away. I no longer have to have a pen and paper to check in on when things are done. When something is not working or damaged they take a picture of it and it makes solving problems quick and easy.”
Administrative Assistant (Capterra)
“We have changed the tendency to react to problems to now be proactive in preventing recurring complaints from customers.”

CEO/Founder (Capterra)

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