is a free tool that allows you to create a job posting and describe your ideal applicant. You can then use the link Cleaning Jobs provides to advertise the position, and let the tool do the rest! By sorting applicants based on who is best suited for each job and filing the rest away for future positions, you'll quickly know who to hire this time and begin created a database of cleaners to hire from next time!

The Complete Guide to Cleaner Retention

At Swept we believe that the key to employee retention is communication. In this guide we look at how better communication allows cleaners to feel supported and appreciated, which in turn results in higher performance on site, and better quality of service for your clients. I principles and ideas in this guide will apply whether you have one part-time cleaner or teams of people across your region.

Create A One Page Marketing Plan (Video Workshop)

Swept COO Matt Cooper put all 15+ years of his marketing experience to use when designing this workshop. He starts off this session by helping you identify who you should market to. You’ll then work on choosing the best marketing channels for your business, and by the end of the hour, have crafted a message that will resonate with your ideal client.

The 21 Day Sales Challenge

The 21 Day Sales Challenge is designed to give you everything you need to close your next commercial cleaning contract — video tutorials, scripts, checklists, worksheets and more! When you sign up below we'll begin sending you these materials via email over the course of the next three weeks. If you find you often have to lower your bid to win a contract or that you're struggling to stand out from the competition, you need the 21 Day Sales Challenge! 
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