Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App

Time Tracking

Time Tracking that is Accurate and Location Aware

Swept's time tracking feature is accurate to the second. Easily track your cleaners' time from anywhere, on any device! It's mobile, GPS-enabled, and payroll ready!

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Cleaner Scheduling

Scheduling Made for Commercial Cleaning Companies

Swept makes shift planning easy! Schedule your cleaners efficiently and faster, increase profitability, reduce scheduling errors, and keep everyone in the loop with better communication.

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Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App
Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App

Cleaning Inspections

Measure Performance and Gain your Client’s Trust

Swept provides an automated, easy-to-use inspection tool for your business. Take quality assurance to a new level with mobile inspections. With Swept, you'll be able to measure performance, and impress your customers.

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Enhanced Translation

Speak Your Cleaners' Language

Do you want to speak your cleaner's language? With Swept, your cleaners can read instructions in their native language with just a click! You'll be able to speak 100+ languages. De Nada!

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Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App


Swept in Action
Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and organize the chaos. Watch this 3 min video tour to see how it works.
Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App

Cleaning Instructions

Support your Cleaners... From Anywhere

Swept's cleaning instructions feature is designed to help commercial cleaning companies improve profitability helping cleaners understand what success looks like on site. With Swept you can send your cleaning instructions to your team anytime, from anywhere.

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Supply Tracking

Make Replenishing Supplies a Breeze

Swept's supply tracking feature allows you to track and order any supplies your cleaners need on site. No more phone calls or spreadsheets!

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Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App
Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App

Location and Client Messaging

Better Communication with Your Staff and Customers

Keep your team connected. We make messaging between your cleaners, managers and customers easy so that everyone is connected on one platform. Engage and retain your cleaners better and impress your clients.

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Problem Reporting

Better Information Means Better Business

Swept's problem reporting feature will help you address on site issues proactively, rather than hearing about it from your clients. Swept makes it easy to manage, track, and resolve problems. When problems are reported, your managers will know immediately.

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Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App
Best Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Software App

Travel Time

Spend Less Time Calculating & More Time With Your Business

Travel Time saves managers valuable hours, boosting efficiency by reducing manual payroll updates. Travel time is automatically calculated between locations based on limits set by the manager. This allows them to easily review and approve the time when completing their payroll.

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