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Save time and money with Swept’s Features: Built for Janitorial Businesses

Swept’s trusted operational software helps you seamlessly connect with clients and staff, manage employees time, supplies, inspections and issues. With unlimited app downloads for your staff and a web app manager dashboard - you can put the focus back on growing your business.


Make shift planning easy

Scheduling made for commercial cleaning companies. Schedule your cleaners efficiently. Reduce errors and easily communicate changes. We understand that last minute changes happen frequently and can feel like a juggling act. With Swept, you can trust your cleaners will know where to go and what to expect when they get there.

Real-time updates.

With access to the mobile app for all cleaners and supervisors; your team will be notified in real-time of any changes and be able to review their schedules all from the palm of their hand.

Time Tracking

Location-aware check-ins

Accurate time tracking down to the minute. Available from anywhere, on any iOS or Android device. It's mobile, GPS-enabled, and payroll ready. All recorded time is logged in our dashboard and ready for approval. Then approved time can be adjusted and exported to your payroll system.


When cleaners sign-in, you’ll know whether or not they are physically on-site. 


Never miss a task again

Checklists let cleaners know what tasks need to be completed each shift and at each location. Go beyond a ‘to-do’ list and help cleaners understand what success looks like with photos to give visual direction. Enable Managers to track completed and incomplete tasks, giving a real-time view of what’s been completed during a cleaners shift and if anything has been missed.

Cleaning Instructions

With enhanced translations to over 100 languages, cleaners can read cleaning instructions in their native language with just the click of a button.

Checklists Report

Checklists connect directly to the time cleaners log, allowing a manager to see how much time was spent on site. Easily set up a template for areas you commonly clean, and then in one click, add them to all your location checklists. Managers can then view work completed by day, cleaner, and location using the Checklists Report.

Stay connected and informed

Swept makes messaging between your cleaners, managers, and clients easy. Each location has a virtual message board: cleaners and managers can post messages, and keep everyone in-sync. If any of your team doesn’t speak English as a primary language, Swept’s enhanced translations feature can auto-translate messages in over 100 Languages.

Communicate clearly with clients

Client messaging allows managers and customers to communicate in one place. Receive notifications as new text and photo messages are posted, allowing you to react quickly. Messages can even be marked as “urgent” to draw additional attention.


Communicate with your team in their native language

Does your staff speak multiple languages? No problem. Swept can translate messages, checklists, problem reports and location details to over 100 languages. Clear communication is at the heart of running your business smoothly.

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Take quality assurance to a new level with mobile inspections

A mobile, automated and easy-to-use inspection tool for your commercial cleaning business. Managers are able to rate the quality of individual cleaning tasks, record comments, and include photos to provide clear communication.

The best inspection is the one your client knows about. Increase client trust by recording notes, and emailing it to your client before you even leave the building.

Stay informed, get in control.

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Mood Reporting

Reduce employee turnover with mood reporting

Mood reporting puts cleaners first. Asking employees a simple question about how they feel can help show that how they feel is important to your organization. With a simple weekly check-in, you can catch small issues before they become big problems.

Three small mood-icons, one big difference

Something as simple as “Happy”, “Neutral”, “Unhappy” might seem pretty basic, but knowing which your cleaners are feeling can give you a serious advantage when it comes to employee retention and satisfaction. Communication can help avoid most issues before they happen. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Problem Reporting

Solve a problem before it even becomes a problem

Swept makes it easy to manage, track, and resolve issues. Our problem reporting feature lets you tackle on-site issues proactively, rather than hearing about it after the fact.

Problem reporting

At-a-glance status and health of your cleaning locations in your manager dashboard

Track problems by location, schedule variance and inspection information. How many hours scheduled vs. how many actually worked. Number of problem reports in the last month (or day, or week, or year, etc.). These metrics (and more) are delivered on an easy to read, instant, and customizable web dashboard.

Real-time reporting

Want to know how many cleaners are on site? When a location was last inspected? What the health of a cleaning location is? Swept can help with that.

Supply Tracking

Save Money and Time Managing Supplies

Tracking which locations need what supplies can be a full-time job. With supply tracking, cleaners can use the Swept app to let you know when something is running low, and how urgent it is without duplicating requests.

Managers can use the web app, or mobile app to get a real-time update on what is required, and where and generate a shopping list to make ordering clear and easy.

Credit Card Payments

Get Paid Faster and Make your Cash Flow More Efficient

Swept Payments, powered by WePay, a Chase company, is not only a seamless way to collect payments from your clients but compared to conventional payment methods, it’ll get you paid in a fraction of the time.

Keep track of everything through your Swept payments dashboard. Deliver payment requests and reminders instantly, and allow your clients to process payments with ease. See what’s been received, and what’s overdue in moments, allowing you to act faster, and get paid in days not weeks.

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