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Swept, trusted by thousands of janitorial companies around the world

Over 11.5 million hours logged by cleaners. More than 2.3 million messages sent. In excess of 52 thousand on site problems reported before the client noticed. So what do these numbers amount to? Easy answer: Swept helps you put your cleaners first, and prevents a lot of fires before they even start!

Cleaning Hours Logged
Messages Sent
On Site Problems Reported

Scheduling made for commercial cleaning companies

Swept makes shift planning easy! Schedule your cleaners efficiently— reducing scheduling errors, and keeping everyone in the loop on upcoming shifts.

Time Tracking

Time tracking that is accurate and location-aware

Our time tracking feature is accurate to the minute. Track your cleaners' time from anywhere, on any iOS or Android device! It's mobile, GPS-enabled, and payroll ready!


Measure staff performance and gain your client's trust

Having an automated, easy-to-use inspection tool for your commercial cleaning business is a game-changer. Take quality assurance to a new level with mobile inspections. Measure staff performance and maintain healthy customer relationships.

Cleaning Instructions

Support your cleaners... from anywhere

Help cleaners understand what success looks like on-site with cleaning instructions. Designed to help commercial cleaning companies improve profitability by enhancing tasks far beyond that old “to-do list”.

Cleaner & Client Messaging

Engage your cleaners and clients

Keep your team connected and informed. Swept makes messaging between your cleaners, managers, and clients easy.

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Metrics and Reporting

Keeping you in the know

Through metrics functionality, you have at-a-glance information about the status and health of your cleaning locations and cleaners. Track problems reported per location, cleaner schedule variance, inspection information, and more.

Enhanced Translation

Speak your cleaners' language

Imagine your cleaners could read instructions for cleaning in their native language with the click of a button! With our translation feature, they'll be able to speak 100+ languages instantly. De Nada!

Mood Reporting

Three tiny mood-icons can make a massive difference

Mood reporting puts cleaners first. Gaging their mood, and seeing see how they are feeling (even at night). This keeps managers in the know, and empowers them to be proactive, instead of reactive.

Problem Reporting

Better information means better business

We make it easy to manage, track, and resolve issues. Our problem reporting feature lets you tackle on-site issues proactively, rather than hearing about it after the fact.

Supply Tracking

Make replenishing supplies a breeze

How happy would you be without constant phone calls and spreadsheets? Our supply tracking feature allows you to track and order any supplies your cleaners need. Even by location.

Credit Card Payments

A small effort with a large impact on your business

Swept Payments, powered by WePay, a Chase company, is not only a seamless way to collect payments from your clients but compared to conventional payment methods, it’ll get you paid in a fraction of the time.

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