Find Out What Got Missed, Without Missing a Beat

Keeping track of the important things that need to be done at each of your locations has never been easier.

Checklists let Cleaners know what tasks need to be completed each shift and enable Managers to track completed and incomplete tasks to keep a finger on the pulse of the business, wherever they are.

The Checklists feature provides a complete task tracking solution including custom checklists for each location. Have your team complete them as part of onsite shifts, and measure the results.

Clearly communicate what
tasks need to be done

Want to make sure your team knows exactly what needs to be done as part of each cleaning shift? With Swept you can easily create multiple custom checklists for each site you clean, ensuring that everything on your list is getting done. Simple templates give you a head start making it quick and easy to onboard new locations and cleaners. Your checklists can be easily adjusted and updated as the scope of work changes to clearly communicate expectations across your entire team.

Cleaners can access location checklists in-field using the Swept mobile app. They can select the checklist they want to complete and check-off items as they work their shift, making sure they don’t miss anything.

Find out what tasks your team completed

Location Checklists let you see at a glance what got done and what didn’t as part of each cleaning shift. Checklists connect directly to the time cleaners log, allowing managers to see how the time was spent on site. Swept also provides a broad view for managers of the work done by day, cleaner, or location. Simply scan our checklist results report for an overview of all completed checklists.

Keep your clients in the loop

Checklist results can be downloaded in PDF format making it easy to share with your client, showing them you are on top of the job. See that something got missed? Quickly dig into the details and see notes from the cleaner, allowing you to address issues before your client even notices.


Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your cleaning business is performing.

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