Location Client Messaging

Keep Your Team Connected

Unanticipated things pop-up from time to time during a cleaning. With Swept, each location has a virtual message board that works like the old paper log-books. Cleaners and managers can post messages, and keep everyone in-sync. If any of your team doesn’t speak English as a primary language, Swept’s enhanced translations feature can auto-translate messages in over 100 Languages.

Unified messaging

Client messaging allows managers and customers to communicate in one place. Receive notifications as new text and photo messages are posted, allowing you to react quickly. Messages can even be marked as “urgent” to draw additional attention.

An app for your clients

Keep your clients happy and informed. Open lines of communication are an important part of maintaining a healthy client relationship for your janitorial business. It’s often the unspoken issues that end up causing client dissatisfaction.

As simple as texting

For clients that would prefer text messages, Swept will route all messages from clients directly to the client message board. This way all your notifications will be in one place.


Swept's location and client messaging in action

Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and help you stay organized. Watch our messaging demo to see how Swept can help your janitorial business.


Swept offers more than just client messaging

Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your cleaning business is performing.

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