Credit Card Payments

Large Impact, Low Effort

With Swept payments, powered by WePay, a Chase company, you can make a large impact on your commercial janitorial company’s cash flow, and customer satisfaction, with very minimal effort.

Get paid faster

Compared to conventional payment methods, Swept credit card payments will get you paid in a fraction of the time. Send and receive payment requests instantly, see what’s been received, and what’s overdue in moments, allowing you to act faster, and get paid in days not weeks.

Easy to use, easy to track

Keep track of everything through your Swept payments dashboard. Deliver payment requests and reminders instantly, and allow your clients to process payments with ease. Everything you need is provided in an easy to use, and understand format.

No more headaches

Staying up-to-date on all your invoices, settled payments, and overdue accounts can be a real juggling act. Keep track of everything through Swept credit card payments. Who owes how much, for what, and when it’s due.

Credit card payments in detail

Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and organize the chaos. Read our support article on credit card payments to learn just how much Swept can help your business.

But It Doesn't Stop There

Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your cleaning business is performing.

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