Cleaning Instructions

Janitorial Cleaning Instructions

Support your cleaners...even remotely. You can send cleaning instructions to your team anywhere, anytime, and on any Android, or iOS device.

Support your cleaners without being on-site

Accurate communication always gets accurate results. When it’s a cleaner’s first time cleaning a space, doing great work depends on clear instructions. Swept allows managers to better communicate specific instructions to cleaners so their first clean is as good as their 100th.

Support your cleaners...from anywhere

Swept's cleaning instructions feature is designed to help commercial cleaning companies improve profitability by helping cleaners understand what success looks like on-site. With Swept you can have cleaning instructions ready for your team anytime, from anywhere.

Multi-lingual support

When cleaners need to read instructions in their native language, it’s just a click away. With enhanced translations, Swept can handle an additional 100 languages.


Swept's cleaning instructions in action

Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and help you stay organized. Watch our cleaning instructions demo to see how Swept can help your janitorial business.


Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your cleaning business is performing.

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