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  • You deserve to have a cleaning service provider that is properly managing all of their contracts and employees. They do exist (we promise) and we know them because they are our clients.
  • Our goal with these free tools and education is to help you find and build a long term relationship with your cleaning company so that your workplace is clean & safe.
  • As the leading software solution for cleaning companies, we have spotted trends and identified gaps in the relationship between cleaning companies and their clients. Gaps that result in poor service and quick termination of a cleaning contract.
  • In fact, cleaning companies that use Swept retain their contracts 91% better than the industry average.

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Why Swept

We built and managed a successful cleaning company in three cities before shifting our focus to solving common (and frustrating) issues in the cleaning industry. Today, our software is depended on by cleaning companies all over the world.

Imagine a world where the company providing your cleaning service provider uses technology instead of trying to manage your office (and multiple others around your city) on pen and paper.

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