Benefits for Managers

Identify issues... fast!

Most customer complaints have less to do with quality and more to do with communication. Swept allows cleaners to easily report problems during their shift.

Managers are notified immediately, allowing them to get in front of the issue before it’s a problem.

Manage with confidence

When hiring new staff, it’s important to quickly identify if they are going to be team players. Swept will alert managers when a cleaner is not where they say they are. No more worrying about late night spot checks on new staff... you’re welcome.

Manage supplies on the go!

Need to keep track of what supplies are needed at which location? Swept allows all supply requests to be organized in one place.

Whether you’re placing an order with a local supplier or restocking a shelf, managing supplies can be simple.

Run payroll in minutes

Since all cleaners can track their time using Swept's free mobile, SMS, and IVR app, running a payroll report is a breeze.  

Managers can easily review, adjust, approve and record payroll info in minutes. Getting your cleaners paid can actually be simple.