Benefits for Owners

Your Team On ONE PAGe

Swept is designed specifically with your team in mind.  It allows critical information needed to be efficient and effective.  No more guessing if cleaners arrived, if they have questions or problems. It's all at your fingertips. 

Onboarding program

Our Customer Success Team is hyper focused at helping you become successful with Swept. The most important aspect is moving at a speed that is comfortable for you. We have clients who onboarded 80 locations in under a week, and others that prefer to take it slower. 

Our onboarding program is built for long term success within your company. 

Support program

Once your onboarding  is complete, we're only a click or call away! Our Customer Success team is with you at any point and can be reached via phone, email, or in-app chat. 

Training Materials

We owned a cleaning company, and we know the crazy hours that you and your team work. That’s why we created training material and videos to help you at any point.  We also created a Customer Success portal for you to view articles that have been written on the most common questions asked by owners like you. 

Marketing Collateral

Our clients asked for marketing collateral to help them win bids… and we listened. Once you sign up with swept, you will receive a custom selling package to help you communicate to your potential clients why your company is forward thinking and innovative. Take a look at this blog post on how we won 80% of our cleaning quotes by changing the discussion!