Swept Janitorial Hiring ToolKit

Finding, hiring and retaining great cleaners is the foundation of every Janitorial company's operational success.  Swept's mission is to help your team leverage technology to not only compete, but thrive by creating great jobs for amazing people.

Here you'll find a number of free resources that we've put together to save your team time, and help improve your chances on finding and retaining the very best cleaners.

The secret to finding great cleaners

There are two key insights that we learned from running a Janitorial business over the years.  Leveraging these insights can help you not only find the best cleaners, but also retain them so you can concentrate on growing your business not, sifting through resumes.

Writing a great Janitorial Job Posting

We've outlined a recommended approach to creating a job posting that not only grabs attention, but clearly separates your company from other Janitorial businesses hiring in your area.

Creating an Employee Referral Program

One of the best sources for great employees is your existing team. We've outlined 6 ideas to help you develop and leverage your employees networks to attract great new team members.


Finding a great cleaner can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Well, we've got you covered.  Visit CleaningJobs.co and learn how your team can not only save time but find the best possible cleaner for the position you have to fill.

Interview Questions

Once you've narrowed down your list of applicants, it's time to see if they are a fit for your team's culture.  We've provided a starting point for questions to cover when interviewing and scoring new cleaner applicants.