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Bringing all the features you need under one roof. Swept simplifies many aspects of the commercial cleaning business, and buys you the time you need to grow.

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Simplifying the lives of those touched by the janitorial industry around the world

Management just got a lot easier with Swept. It’s an all in one time tracker, smart scheduler, communication tool, and so much more.


Save time. Save Money.
Grow your Business. With the conveniences added by Swept, you’ll spend less time fighting fires, and gain time to focus on being the best commercial cleaning company you can be.


Easier Management. Better Scheduling. Clear Communication. With open lines of communication with cleaners, clients and suppliers, Swept will make managing a cleaning company a breeze and not a headache.


Swept Under the Rug? Not on our Watch
.Advanced scheduling, easy, reliable inspections, and simple supply management, cleaning won’t be a task… it’ll be an artform!


Happy Client. Happy Life. Ok… it doesn’t rhyme, but you get what we’re saying. Easy client messaging, problem reporting, and location aware instructions will have your clients Swept off their feet.

Features to help you succeed

Track Time Flexibly

You know what is better than simple scheduling? Time tracking that has incredible accuracy, and is location aware too! Track your cleaners with ease? Check. Accurate down to the second? Check. Mobile, GPS enabled, and payroll ready? Check, check, and check.

Simple, Smart Scheduling

With Swept, shift planning becomes a breeze! Quickly and efficiently Schedule your cleaners. Enjoy scheduling errors becoming a thing of the past. Oh and did we mention that you’ll keep everyone in the loop with handy built in communication tools?

Easy and Reliable Inspections

Time to elevate the concept of quality assurance. Swept is bringing performance measurement into the modern era. Automated, easy to use inspection tools that’ll have your clients nodding in impressed approval!

Give Your Team Instructions

We’ve come a long way since the days of bullet lists. Don’t misunderstand, we love bullet lists! But we also love that there’s really no excuse in today’s tech filled world, not to have instructions that can tell, and if you feel like it, show your cleaners what needs to be done. Oh, and your instructions can also be translated into 100 languages.

Worry-free Supply Management

One of our core values here at Swept is to empower our clients to be proactive, instead of reactive. Our problem reporting feature will help you address on site issues long before you have to hear about it from your clients. Easily to manage, track, and resolve problems before they even become problems. You’re welcome.

See Problem-reports Fast

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase “Oh No! We’re out of paper towels again”? We’ve heard it a lot too, but with Swepts supply tracking feature you’ll never hear it again. Track and order any supplies your cleaners could possibly need. No more time wasted on hold just so you can order a couple sponges at the 11th hour.


4.5 of 5 rating on


4.5 of 5 rating on

We have grown so much in the past 6 months and a lot of that has to do with Swept. The last 10 accounts we’ve secured, it was because of Swept. Swept is what is setting us apart from the other cleaning companies in our area right now, I guarantee it.

Signature Cleaning Concepts

With a group of five managers, we are easily saving $10,000 a year plus fuel cost. We now have more accountability within our teams – where they are, what they are up to, and how we can help them. For our clients of the past 20 years, we are once again stepping it up. For our new clients, we are raising the bar.

Maintenance One

We have been using Swept for about 1 year, total game changer for my company! We have grown from 14 employees to 74 in 1 years time, we couldn’t have accomplished the coordination and communication amongst my team without the use of Swept.

Facility Concierge Services

You know what is better than free? Nothing.