Janitorial Inspections

Quality assurance that keeps your team accountable and your clients happy

  • Easily complete step-by-step inspections from your phone
  • Opportunity to re-train cleaners who are missing specific details and reward cleaners who are doing a great job
  • Share Inspection Reports with your clients to help build trust and long-lasting relationships
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

On any given day someone may spot an issue with the work being done, but if it's not reported, nothing gets done about it. Even if it is reported, you often don't have time to address every issue as they come up.

With Inspections, you can get a snapshot of any concerns and decide what needs to be addressed immediately and what can be addressed in the future. Inspections allow you to see if you have a one-time problem, a trend at a particular location, or with a particular cleaner. 

Ensure quality cleans every time

Inspections are also an effective way to hold your team accountable for the quality of their work – and recognize them when they do great work! When your crew knows you are checking in and reviewing their work, they'll be more likely to pay special attention to it. Inspections are mission-critical when you have committed to a quality standard. You won the contract by setting an expectation, now you need to ensure you can deliver.

Build trust with clients

Share Inspection Reports with your clients to showcase the quality of your service. Using any Android or iOS device, you can create custom plans that include unlimited inspection points and then email the completed report to your client before you even leave the building.

Inspections are the perfect way to maintain strict quality control, proactively address problems, and demonstrate to clients that your business is committed to meeting janitorial cleaning client demands.

Combine Inspections with Checklists and Instructions

Cover your bases from start to finish with Swept’s suite of Quality Assurance features. Instructions and Checklists set your cleaners up for success. While Janitorial Inspections allow you to close the loop both for you and your clients.

What our users say

“Our company loves the janitorial inspection features, location-specific communication, and the mood reports to help our cleaners communicate with supervisors. These are just a few of the features we like!”
Kevin R
Operations Manager (Capterra)
“The best feature for me is the inspection reports. Being able to send reports to customers and staff members at the same time is a time saver. I wasn't expecting for my clients to use the messaging feature, but they actually love the fast responses.”
Donis D
Owner (Capterra)
“Swept has been able to solve scheduling, account management, employee management, real-time communication with both employee and client messaging, inspection reporting, and many other features; it has certainly set the benchmark for me and my operations management systems.”
COO (Capterra)

How janitorial inspections software helps meet client demands

One common drawback of cleaning inspections is that all too often, the client didn’t even know you were there.

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Your Questions Answered

Can I download inspections once they are complete?

Yes. A great way to add value to your client is to download the completed inspections and send it to them to show the high-quality clean you provide.
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