Janitorial Reporting & Metrics

With over 15 built-in reports, you'll know exactly how your janitorial business is doing

Make managing your janitorial business simpler and more profitable with Swept’s built-in reports.

  • Identify time theft
  • Save hours managing payroll
  • Stay on top of supplies
  • Share Inspection Reports with your clients to showcase the quality of your service
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

One of the most important aspects of running your commercial cleaning business is the ability to make strategic decisions. To grow your business, you need to have access to accurate reports.

Swept helps you capture all of your data so you can perform detailed analyses of your company's health and performance. Want to know how many cleaners are on site? When a location was last inspected? What is the health of a cleaning location? Swept can help with that.

For example, Swept’s Schedule Variance Report is a useful tool for Managers as it provides visibility into potential performance issues, as well as an opportunity to deploy inspections to evaluate the quality of the work completed at a site by cleaner and by shift.

Filtering this report will allow you to see if any staff are consistently over or under-scheduled time at a particular location. This can help you understand if there are issues with scheduling or if there are issues with the quality of the work completed during a shift. And this is just one example!

What our users say

“We are saving a bunch of time using Swept and we are very organized. We are able to grow by using Swept.”
Timmy T
Owner (Capterra)
“Swept has been able to solve scheduling, account management, employee management, real-time communication with both employee and client messaging, inspection reporting, and many other features; it has certainly set the benchmark for me and my operations management systems.”
COO (Capterra)
“Swept has been affordable and offered time clock solutions as well as inspection reports. Customer service is excellent. Lots of helpful tools available online as well.”
Building Services Account Manager (Capterra)

Your Questions Answered

Which reports are available on all pricing plans?

Swept provides a variety of reports to help you keep a pulse on the health of your business. The following reports are included in all pricing plans - time entry report, cleaner onsite and offsite report, problems report, payroll report, inspection report, schedule variance report, historical shift report and mood report.
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