Janitorial Supply Tracking

Stay on top of your supply levels

  • Your team can quickly request supplies from their phones so you’re never caught unexpectedly driving around town to restock just one or two locations
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

Tracking which locations need which supplies can be a full-time job. So can running around from site to site to check supply closets and deliver depleted supplies. Wouldn’t it be easier if your cleaners let you know when something is running low and how urgent it is?

In the mobile app, we make supply tracking easier. A cleaner can tell you that paper towels are down by two rolls or that toilet paper is two rolls short of being full. A cleaner can also tell you when supplies are dangerously low so that you can take action before they're completely out of stock. Staying on top of your supplies means you don’t have to do any emergency supply runs - saving both time and money.

What our users say

“Before Swept we had someone texting their supply order, calling their supply order, emailing …they were coming in from all different ways and it was hard to organize it. Swept has allowed us to keep it all in one system and streamline our service so it's incredibly simple”
Jared Sarbit
Owner, Picture Perfect Cleaning
“This software has greatly improved our communication as a team and helped us with supply orders. There are a few key clients that communicate using that app and it has really helped us be more responsive. Swept has helped us greatly in the selling process to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The app is the best part of the whole experience, it is simple and easy to use and it just works.”
General Manager (Capterra)
“We are saving a bunch of time using Swept and we are very organized. We are able to grow by using Swept.”
Timmy T

Owner (Capterra)

Your Questions Answered

Who can complete supply requests?

Cleaners can request supplies, and Managers and supervisors can fulfill them.

What if my cleaners make duplicate requests for supplies?

All supply requests need to be reviewed and approved by a supervisor or manager. So a cleaner accidentally requests a particular supply twice or two different cleaners request the same item, this can be adjusted when the manager reviews the order.
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