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Time theft

Your employees are your most valuable asset. But how do you know that they’re working the hours you scheduled? If you’re not tracking the time your employees are signing in and out, then you could be losing thousands of dollars every year. Time theft is a big problem in the workplace, but it’s also one that can be easily avoided with a janitorial time tracking solution.

Time theft or time fraud happens when you pay an employee for the time they didn’t actually work. This time can be stolen by signing in early and signing out late, or by taking unapproved breaks.

The traditional methods of tracking employee time are costly and impractical in today’s world. For example, timesheets and punchout counters can require hours of manual adjustments to keep payroll up to date.

With janitorial time tracking software, you can accurately track employees' time, have visibility on any variances, and pay your employees fairly and error-free.


Swept’s Time Tracking feature includes geofencing that allows you to set virtual boundaries around your locations. This means when an employee clocks into a shift using the app, you will know if they clocked in within the boundary you set!

With geofences you can maintain a verifiable record of who worked which job, at what time and location, and for how many hours. Keeping everything transparent – and honest!

Schedule variance report

Generate a report that captures any variance between cleaner time worked versus time scheduled. This report provides visibility on shifts that were missed, breaks taken during a shift and time scheduled compared to time worked. It’s mission-critical reporting for saving time, identifying performance issues and training opportunities and closing gaps in cleaner management.

Cleaner engagement

When time tracking is enforced, employees are more likely to complete jobs with increased efficiency and are more likely to hold themselves accountable for their progress throughout projects. When cleaners get paid accurately for hours worked, you are building trust with your team and your clients.

Travel time

Travel time is an expense that eats into your profits. So it’s imperative you understand the impact of travel time on your cleaners, clients and your overall business.

Swept tracks travel time for you. When a cleaner signs out of their shift at a location, travel time begins and will stop when they sign into the next location. This information will seamlessly sync into the Web App, where Managers will have the ability to approve and pay travel time.

Payroll report

Swept’s Payroll Report makes it easy to pay your employees! This is one of the biggest time savers for Swept users. Simply approve cleaner hours, export them to a PDF or CSV file, upload it into your payroll system and you are good to go!

QuickBooks Online integration

With a seamless connection between your Swept and QuickBooks accounts, your time entries can be synced automatically – saving you time and reducing errors!

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What our users say

“I won the account & Swept was a really big part of that. The client was worried about things not getting done and people not showing up on time… I told them if one of my people doesn't show up I get a notification that says this person is 10 minutes late - now I can be proactive and call them and jump on top of it so it’s not 4 hours into the shift!”
Owner/CEO, Impact Cleaning Professionals
“Swept has been a great tool for our Cleaners, Inspectors and Internal Operations Team. It's a seamless approach to an old classical industry.”
President, Rozalado Services
“I love how easy it is for my staff to learn the software. From the part-time cleaner in the field to the manager. The learning curve is just a couple of days. It keeps track of hours, the mood of my cleaners, the budget of cleaning hours, and the crazy schedule. I can't imagine running my company without the software.”
Amber A
President (Capterra)

How To Identify And Prevent Employee Time Theft

Time theft eats away at profitability and shrinks already tight margins on cleaning contracts. Learn how to identify and fix time theft to grow your profits.

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Your Questions Answered

What happens if a cleaner forgets to sign in or out of their shift?

No worries! You can manually sign cleaners in and out of a shift by creating the shift in the Time Entry Report.

Are you integrated with any payroll systems?

Yes, Swept is integrated with QuickBooks. In addition, our Payroll reports are exportable and easily uploaded to any payroll system that allows you to import data for payroll.

My employee doesn’t have a smartphone. Is there another way they can sign in?

Yes - Swept's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is designed to allow cleaners with no access to a smartphone or SMS the ability to sign in / out and report problems with a landline phone.

Can my cleaners see the hours they have worked?

Yes - your staff can easily see the number of hours they have worked in the past pay period through the mobile app. Cleaning hours will show them the date, the location where they worked, how many hours they worked and the number of hours approved for payroll.
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