Janitorial Work Orders & One Time Services

Add specialty services into your operations to generate more revenue per contract

  • Schedule Work Orders and One Time Services alongside regular shifts
  • Get real-time updates as work is completed
  • Generate and track additional revenue while you keep your customers happy  with Work Orders 
  • One Time Services help attract new customers with one-off jobs
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

Does this sound familiar? You’ve built a great relationship with your customer and you are delivering a standard of cleaning that your customer loves. Now they want you to take on even more. After all, it makes sense to have the team they trust and are familiar with take on additional service work.  

When you own a janitorial business, your job isn't just to provide a service—it's to provide value. Offering additional services to your commercial cleaning customers is a great way to upsell your existing contracts, add value, and increase revenue

This is where Work Orders and One Time Services come in! 

Manage your infrequent cleans alongside your existing scope of work. 

Work Orders can be scheduled alongside regular shifts and progress is tracked alongside your day-to-day work. You can keep track of the schedule, work summary, work order reference number and invoice amount in one place

Janitorial work order software also helps to keep pricing consistent and accurate. By having a formal record of what work was done, you can review to ensure you are not charging a client too much or too little in labor or material costs based on what it took to complete the job.

Now you may have customers who only need a single job, like post-construction cleanup, not an ongoing contract. Swept’s One Time Services allow you to add these types of customers to your existing schedule in Swept. 

By offering one-time services, you can reach a new customer base without having to commit to a long-term contract. This also gives customers the opportunity to experience what it's like to work with your company—without any pressure or commitment on either side. And because you're not required to pay for additional locations on your Swept account, offering one-time services is a great way to save money!

What our users say

“Swept has been able to solve scheduling, account management, employee management, real-time communication with both employee and client messaging, inspection reporting, and many other features; it has certainly set the benchmark for me and my operations management systems.”
Jennifer B
COO (Capterra)
“I love how easy it is for my staff to learn the software. From the part-time cleaner in the field to the manager. The learning curve is just a couple days. It keeps track of hours, the mood of my cleaners, the budget for cleaning hours, and the crazy schedule. I can't imagine running my company without the software."
President (Capterra)
“I thought it was too pricey, but after looking at a bunch of other systems - nothing compared. I'm glad I took the plunge. As the sole leadership team member of my company currently - it's been my BEST partner.”
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Your Questions Answered

Can I download my work orders?

Yes, you can download a work order as a PDF.

How do I know the status of a work order?

Once a work order is created there are 7 different states it can be in – ranging from not started to completed. You can track the status through the web app.

Is there a Work Orders Report?

Yes! You can view your work orders that have been created and scheduled all in one place. You can see their status at a quick glance.
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