Free Webinar

Save Hours Every Time You Hire A Cleaner - For Free!

DATE: Tuesday, June 14th
TIME: 11:00 A.M. EST

Finding great cleaners is hard.  It is one of the biggest challenges the owner or manager faces when trying to grow their Janitorial business.  Michael Brown and his team created a tool ( that makes finding a great fit for your job simple and it will save you hours. The best part, it's completely free!  

Michael's team was investing countless hours into sifting through hundreds of job applications, hunting for a great cleaner.  So they designed an automated way to reduce the time it takes to screen cleaner applications by 90%.

Join Michael as he discusses why they created this tool and give you insight on how other companies are finding the best cleaners - quickly.  

There is plenty of time for questions and interaction at the close of the presentation so be sure to bring your questions and challenges to the call.