Janitorial Messaging

Keep your team organized and on track - all from one place

  • Make it simple for your team to connect to problem solve without you having to jump to put out every fire
  • 1:1 messaging and custom channels let you tailor your communication for the right people
Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time

Location Messaging

Communicating with your cleaning teams can be time consuming and complicated. If a problem occurs on-site or if someone is sick, they will contact the supervisor who then has to reach out to everyone to try to find a solution. Meanwhile, they’re using a mix of SMS, email, phone calls or WhatsApp.

With Location Messaging, your team can quickly communicate with all cleaners, supervisors and managers approved to a set location. Your team will start to solve problems on their own – without you needing to jump in.

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging is the most efficient way to communicate with your employees. Whether it’s a heads-up about a change in schedule or a quick question about a last-minute request, Direct Messaging lets you have individual conversations alongside all your other communications in one centralized space.

Custom Channels

When everyone is on the same page, jobs move smoothly and efficiently. Custom Channels make it easy for you to create channels for different groups within your team so that more relevant information can be shared without cluttering up your main channels.

There can be many different types of channels in Swept, including channels dedicated to specific projects, products, or even specific roles. You can invite as many different employees as you'd like to each channel, making them as public or private as you'd like.

Imagine a situation where you're trying to roll out a new procedure that your Supervisors need to be trained on. By creating a Custom Channel dedicated to this project, you can invite only the necessary employees - so your team keeps on task and focused on what matters most.

Client Messaging

Staying on top of customer service can be challenging. Putting in the time to answer every message is hard when you're busy with other tasks. And with so many customer service channels—email, phone calls, messaging on social media and online review sites—you may not even realize you missed one that could have been answered in minutes.

Client Messaging helps you stay ahead of problems, respond to clients quickly, and deliver an exceptional level of customer service that makes your business stand out from the competition.

What our users say

“We use messaging a ton. It has been very cool to have all the communications in one spot - it allows cleaners to very easily reach out to supervisors. And with buildings with a lot of cleaners, it has been really fun to watch, in a way, it unites the team”
Owner, Night Shift Commercial Services
“The best thing about the app is about the instant communication you can have with your staff and clients. It helps to make sure that there are not any misunderstandings.”
Donis D
Owner (Capterra)
“This software has greatly improved our communication as a team, and has helped us with supply orders. There are a few key clients that communicate using that app and it has really helped us be more responsive. Swept has helped us greatly in the selling process to differentiate ourselves from our competition. The app is the best part of the whole experience, it is simple and easy to use and it just works.”
General Manager (Capterra)

3 strategies to improve client and cleaner communication

There’s a lot riding on how effectively your team communicates—between each other and your clients; setting expectations is key for cleaners to understand how to deliver high-quality cleaning.

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Your Questions Answered

What package is Direct Messaging and Custom Channels available on?

Direct Messaging and Custom Channels are available on the Advanced package.

What if my cleaners aren’t comfortable reading English?

Swept automatically translates Instructions and Checklists into 100+ languages. Whichever language your cleaner has set-up on their personal device will be the language they read for Instructions and Checklists.
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