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How to go from a one-man show to a growing team without losing customers: Live Coaching Call with Mike Campion! 

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We hear it time and time again: small janitorial business owners are afraid to hire cleaners and grow the company (or simply step back from the cleaning into a managerial role) because it requires trusting others with their reputation of their brand.

Sadly, the risk of losing customers outweighs the potential for increased revenue and free time for many in the janitorial industry. But that doesn’t need to be the case!

In this live webinar Grow My Cleaning Company podcast host Mike Campion will walk Swept customer Doug Snyder of Tower Cleaning through the in’s and out’s of hiring cleaners WITHOUT sacrificing high quality service.

If you’re in the same boat — torn between continuing on as a one-man show or hiring a team, join us on this live webinar and bring your most burning customer retention questions for industry expert Mike Campion!

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Hosted by Mike Campion, presented by Swept Janitorial Software

Host of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, Creator of the Clean Profit Method, Author, Speaker & Swell Guy!  

Mike Campion is following his passion of coaching owners of cleaning companies to get more cleaning contracts, have more fun and live the life they always dreamed of!

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