Release Notes

Version 3.35.0 Release Notes

February 27, 2019

Cleaning instructions:

  • We have updated the cleaning instructions field. It will now allow copy and paste of text and now includes an image size limit.

Payroll report CSV rounding:

  • Recorded time and approved time will now be consistently and more accurately rounded.  All places that payroll hours are shown, including, in app reports, downloadable reports and time sheets will now show the same totals.

Alerts refactor and badge counts:

  • Work on all alert types is now complete, all alerts and push notifications should now be received. We have also done extensive work to correct badge count calculations.

Historical Supply Request PDF:

  • This report can now be downloaded to a PDF.

Along with these changes, we’ve continued with ongoing bug fixes in the web application.

Version 3.33.0 Release Notes

December 17, 2019

In the Mobile App, for Cleaners and Managers:

  • We have updated our supply request process to allow cleaners to enter both the quantity of items remaining and the amount they would like to request be delivered.
  • Cleaners are now also able to submit requests for more than one supply at a time, making it easy for them to let a manager know if multiple supplies are running low at a particular location.
  • Submitted requests can be viewed by cleaners. It will show the amount requested and the amount the manager has replenished.

In the Web App for Managers:

  • We have added a new historical supply request report that allows managers to filter completed requests. This report allows managers to determine things like:
    • What supplies were dropped of at a particular location for a given time period
    • How many supplies were used from a particular supplier for a given time period
    • Note – Additional filters will likely be added over time, such as one for supply.
  • On the Supply Request page there are now two tabs and no filters
  • The completed tab shows only supply requests completed in the last 30 days grouped by location for quick reference, and a link to the historical report if you would like to filter and print completed requests.
  • The in progress tab shows all open supply requests, now grouped together so you can see if a cleaner requested multiple supplies at the same time.
    • Users can update the order amount from here
    • Users can run two PDF reports:
      • In progress requests grouped by location
      • In progress requests grouped by supplier
      • Supply requests can now be completed through bulk actions
  • Supply Request – Locations Report shows all open supply requests grouped by location (Downloadable by PDF, but not CSV)
    • Contains a filter for location so the user can print reports independently for each location
  • Supply Request – Supplier Report shows all open supply requests grouped by supplier (Downloadable by PDF, but not CSV)
    • Contains a filter for location so the user can print reports independently for each supplier

Users please note: Supply request by location and supplier reports that are in progress at the time of release will have a (-) in the quantity field.  This indicates that this in progress report contains requests prior to being able to submit the quantity. The manager must update the order amount in the web app for each of the legacy requests and then the reports will be accurate.

Version 3.31 Release Notes

The latest release went live Monday, October 22. In this release we have continued to expand our foundation to build out our reporting capabilities.  There are changes in Payroll, Schedule Variance and Mood reporting, as well as enhanced sorting capabilities.

Payroll Report Changes:

  • We have enabled bulk actions in the payroll report.  You will approve/unapprove each cleaners payroll by using the checkbox in the individual cleaners card. You can also approve all shifts at one time by using the check box at the top by “Approval”. Once each shift is approved/unapproved, approve your entire report at the very top by clicking “Approval” and select “Approve selected” or “Un-approve selected”.
  • Sort By – The “Sort By” option is now a dropdown option. A new sort called “Approval” has been added. If you choose “Approval” all unapproved shifts will appear first and then approved shifts.
  • View a video on the Payroll Report changes here.

Schedule Variance Report Changes:

  • Location Totals – This has been removed in preparation for an upcoming export feature (scheduled for release 3.32).
  • Variance “Greater Than” Filter – The time options have changed to 15 minute increments.
  • View a video on the Schedule Variance Report changes here. 

Cleaner Mood Report :

  • There is a new “Cleaner Mood” report that has been added to the “Reports” page. You can now view and download all mood reports from your Cleaners.
  • View a video on the Mood Report here.

Along with the updates to reports, we’ve continued our ongoing bug fixes in the web application.

Version 3.30 Release Notes

September 26, 2018

With this release, Managers and Supervisors with access to Reports will have a report for off site cleaner sign in’s. Locations that have a geofence drawn and the mandatory geofence is NOT enabled will generate a report when a cleaner signs in or out outside of the geofence. You can watch a short video here.

Offsite Sign In/ Sign Out Report

Along with this new report, we’ve continued with ongoing bug fixes in the web application.

Version 3.28.0 Release Notes

August 27, 2018

Release 3.28.0 is the first in a series of releases as we develop a new feature “travel time” coming mid-September. Travel time will allow managers who activate this feature to establish a window of time between locations to pay cleaners for time to travel between cleaning shifts. Changes to our payroll reports are the first phase of this release and are live effective, August 27th , 2018. The payroll report changes include the addition of a column for approved drive time and small workflow changes to select filters you want to apply to your report.

Payroll Report
Workflow: Filters are now in place at the top of the payroll report. You need to select the filters you want to apply to your report, then click “filter” to view the schedule.

To download the report, use the “download” button.

The payroll report will have its own column for approved travel time.

Version 3.27.0 Release Notes

July 30, 2018

This release builds on our previous 2 releases where we have continued to improve the styling of the web application to make it functional on mobile browsers. In this release, our Reports are now viewable using the web app when logged in using the mobile browser.

In addition, we have continued to improve our compatibility with payroll systems by updating common fields to include a location ID. Users will notice a new field on the location details page, where they can enter Location ID. This field is now displayed in our CSV reports.

Summary of updates:
Managers and supervisors can add a location ID number to a location. This field will now be shown on the exportable versions of the payroll reports.
The Welcome Centre will now be available for all users when they login. Users will need to navigate away from this page by choosing “Go to Swept” from the bar at the top of the page. Users will have the option to close this window permanently.

Version 3.26.0 Release Notes

July 16, 2018

This release builds on 3.25.0 where we have continued to improve the styling of the web application that makes the Web App functional on mobile browsers.  Users will experience a much-improved experience of the web app when logged in using a mobile browser making it much easier for Managers in Swept to make changes on the go.

In addition, we have continued to improve our compatibility with payroll systems with updated common fields to include employee id numbers.  Users will notice a new field in cleaner and supervisor set up pages for employee id. Employee Id is now an exportable field in our reports CSV.

During this release, we have also continued with ongoing work to improve core feature functionality in the platform.

Version 3.25.0 Release Notes

Release 3.25.0 is live and the update includes changes that make the web app usable from a mobile browser.  It also includes some changes to our reports to make them more universally compatible with .CSV formatting.

Users may notice some slight changes in how report filters work with this update.

Version 3.24.2 Release Notes

June 6, 2018

Due to the extent of the changes to our scheduling engine that was released as part of 3.24.0 we have identified three issues that warranted a minor follow-up release.

Missing shifts in a recurring series
An issue was identified with recurring shifts that resulted in some of the shifts in a series not being displayed. This issue was corrected and all affected shifts should now be visible.

NOTE – If any of the missing shifts were recreated between June 4th and 6th a duplicate shift will now be displayed in the system. Please correct this issue by removing the newly created shift.

Location cleaning log and location supply requests were showing incorrect time
The time on these tabs was being displayed in an incorrect timezone. This issue has now been resolved and the timezone of the location should now be displayed.

Overnight shifts rolling over to timezoneday
The time zone was set incorrectly for shifts on mobile causing them to potentially be displayed on the following day or appear to be missing. Shifts will now be set to use the correct timezone and all existing shifts have been corrected.

Version 3.24.0 Release Notes

June 4, 2018

Welcome Center
New web app users will be greeted by our new Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is intended to provide those users who have never used Swept before with simple instructions on where to start and how to get the most out of their experience.

Empty State Pages
Each of the main sections of the webapp now have descriptions and instruction on how to get

started for users who have not yet created an item. This should help new users understand some of the vernacular Swept uses and allow them to input their data more efficiently.

Timezone Display
The timezone is now displayed beside the time if it is different from the user’s device time.


Improved Scheduling Engine
The backend of our scheduling system has been completely overhauled. There should be no changes to existing schedules and all existing functionality is still present. Changes have been made to change to an industry standard implementation that should limit defects and creates a strong foundation for future feature development.

Streamline System Time Settings
The system now has two different time settings; location timezone and device timezone. All messages and alerts will be displayed in the device timezone. The following items will be displayed using the locations timezone:

  • Late alert details
  • Shift updates
  • Problem Reports
  • Cleaning report
  • Payroll report
  • Sign in/Sign out notifications
  • Payroll Reports

Feature Request Portal
Feature requests will now be directed to a new application that will allow for better organization and response to new feature requests.

Minor bug fixes throughout the application

Version 3.23.3 Release Notes

May 21st, 2018

Location Address Auto-Complete and Verification
When adding a new location or editing an existing location the address field now uses Google to auto-complete the data. Once entered the address is now verified for accuracy, if Google is unable to find the location’s address a warning will now be provided to the user.
Location Timezone Default Updated
When creating a new location the locations timezone will default to the timezone your computer is set to.
Location Timezone Verified based on Location Address
When creating a new location if a Google validated address is entered, the locations timezone will be updated to match.
Location Timezone Validated
When viewing an existing location the app will now verify whether the time zone entered matches the location address and show a warning to the user is a mismatch occurs.

Miscellaneous issues resolved in the following areas:

Version 3.23 Release Notes

April 24, 2018

Timezone selection
We have updated the list used when selecting your company and location time zone. The list of provided time zones now matches industry standard. This will help with ease of selection and accuracy when selecting a time zone. Existing location time zones were moved to an equivalent offset, so there is no need to make any adjustments, but you may see a different time zone listed within the application.

Miscellaneous issues resolved in the following areas:
New message badge count
Push notifications on various Android devices
Ability to sign in to two locations concurrently
Various stability fixes

Version 3.22 Release Notes

Jan 19, 2018

Ability to save photos sent to the location or client message board
When downloading the payroll report have the first and last name of staff in separate columns to allow for sorting alphabetically by the last name
An indication on the payroll report icons to show a cleaner has turned off location services on their device
Have your company toll-free number easily viewable through the settings tab on your Web App

Fix the system settings not saving
Fix to have deleted locations historical cleaning records present in the payroll report
Fix to not being able to add an approved call-in number to a location that was previously associated with a deleted location
Fix to pictures not displaying the cleaning instructions
Fix to the time on a schedule appearing not to change when editing a repeating shift
Fix to enhanced translation to be functioning as designed
Fix to managers not receiving alerts when clients send an urgent message
Fix to cleaning time on the payroll report rounding being off by 1 minute

Version 3.21 Release Notes

Dec 7, 2017

This new feature allows for the capture of time it takes for a user to get from one location to another for additional drive time pay. This time will be captured in the Payroll report for reconciliation.
If you are interested in trying out our Drive Time feature please email us at

Fix for the incorrect number of alerts showing when you have no new alerts to read
Warning pop-up when deleting a location to prevent from accidental deletion
Fix to have historical cleanings on the payroll report even if the location has been deleted
Fix the schedule removing days incorrectly
Fix for a spelling error on the approved clients screen
Bug Fixes

Fix for the incorrect number of alerts showing when you have no new alerts to read
Warning pop-up when deleting a location to prevent from accidental deletion
Fix to have historical cleanings on the payroll even if the location has been deleted
Fix to schedule removing days incorrectly
Fix for the spelling error on the approved clients screen

Fix for iPhone users who are experiencing issues with frequent App log out
Fix for experiencing a blue frozen screen upon login
Fix for the shift titles not showing up on cleaner mobile
GPS accuracy improvements
Overall App speed improvements

Version 3.20 Release Notes

NOV 1, 2017

Sort and download Payroll PDF by location
Payroll icon indicating now GPS found
Improvements to GPS accuracy

Fix for editing repeating shift that was causing an error for some users
Fix for cleaner being able to sign in with IVR that is not approved for the location
Fix for cleaner showing duplicate schedule
Fix to message board badge count being incorrect
Fix to cleaner sign out the issue when reporting a problem and then cancelling
Fix to cleaner timesheet displaying accurate number when cleaning in progress
Fix to keyboard popping up when looking at location list
Fix to push notification that directs to the wrong message board
Enhancement of images on Mobile App

Version 3.18.5 Release Notes

OCT 23, 2017

Fix to location list not showing up on cleaner mobile
Fixed to create duplicate shifts when editing a single shift

Version 3.18.4 Release Notes

OCT 19, 2017

Improvements to GPS Accuracy
Fixed an issue that was causing the app to change the view based on a new notification arriving

Version 3.18.2 Release Notes

OCT 13, 2017

Fix for a bug that appeared when editing a recurring shift
Improvements to GPS Accuracy

Version 3.18 Release Notes

SEP 14, 2017

New Shift Labels
This new feature allows managers with permission to manage the schedule the ability to assign a label to shifts. Once a shift as a label you can then filter in the agenda view or full calendar view.

Improvements to the speed the alert page loads
Cleaner time sheets now show as soon as they have been recorded time sheets show as soon as recorded
Updates to the alert icon that displays Red when new alerts exist
Improvements to the speed Late alerts are generated
Improved reliability to push notifications
Improved time to load schedule page
Improved security updates

Bug fixes to supervisor permissions
Fix for the issue that prevents alerts from being generated for every shift in a repeating series
Fix for the issue that deletes shifts when the edit is made to the specific type of shift
Fix that prevented a previously assigned cleaner from being added to a shift
Fix that prevented the sum of hours in the cleaning report from being displayed
Fix that prevented some manager and supervisor messages from being marked as “New”
Fix for call-in numbers that were not being properly formatted
Fix that was preventing the green “signed in” icon from being displayed
Fix for late alerts that were being generated every 2 min.

Version 3.0 Release Notes

Manager Permissions
This new capability allows managers to be granted Admin privileges.  When enabled Admin Managers are now able to:
Add and manage other manager accounts
Restrict access to specific locations for managers
Manage notifications for specific locations
Enable / Disable access to the web app
Enable / Disable Manager’s ability to message clients (Requires Client Messaging)
Enable / Disable Manager’s ability to see and run reports in Swept
Enable / Disable Manager’s ability to see and manage schedules for cleaners within Swept
Enable / Disable Manager’s ability to conduct inspections (Requires Expand Subscriptions)
Provide ability for select managers to see and process supply requests

You can learn more of the details outlined in this support article. Please note that this feature needs to be activated for your account. Please contact support if you would like this enabled.

Mobile Alert Filters
Version 3.0 of the mobile app provides the manager more control over what alerts are displayed. This allows managers to specify selected alerts when viewing their list of Alerts. We’ve also made it quicker to Select and Archive your alerts. Managers can now select and archive multiple alerts at once.

Import Inspection Templates
In collaboration with a number of our customers, Swept has created inspection templates that can be imported into your account upon request. Just reach out and we can activate these new inspection templates for you and your team to use. ( Requires Inspection Module)

Poor Mood Alerts
Whenever a cleaner reports a poor mood on the sign-out, approved managers will be sent this new Alert. This feature is useful to connect with a cleaner that may be disengaged.
Display Cleaner’s current signed in location
We’ve made it easier for a cleaner to know when they are currently signed into a specific location. When signed in they will now see a green icon next to the location and a green banner at the top of the list of their approved locations.

Default Approved Hours
When reconciling your payroll report, Scheduled Hours or Recorded Hours can be selected as the default setting for the approved values. This allows the report to be reconciled more quickly and prevents manual updates.

Default Location Timezone
The default timezone can now be set so that all future locations and managers timezone are automatically selected.

Improved Assignment Tool
Throughout Swept there are a number of locations where a manager is able to assign Cleaners, Locations and now Managers. this newly designed tool makes assigning cleaners and managers to locations a quicker process.