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Software that saves your ServiceMaster franchise time & money.

Smart, simple technology that goes far beyond time-keeping.

Mary-Lynne Ross

ServiceMaster, Fraser Valley

“We have switched all of our customer locations over to Swept and have gone in full force. We find the people at Swept very invested in making sure we are happy and that the program is running well for us. Since using Swept our staff have communicated with us like never before, even those who were reluctant.

The scheduling piece is very easy to use and when changes are needed to be made, it can be done quickly. The inspection reports are a real plus, so easy to input as a template and the Supervisors can add pictures and notes very quickly through their app. That is a real win for us. Looking forward to engaging our customers more with this program.”

Swept Delivers Real Results

Stop running around putting out fires, and start winning more contracts with smart, simple janitorial software designed for your commercial cleaning business.

Swept is perfect for yourFRANCHISE

With Swept you can:

  • Communicate with your team and clients more efficiently
  • Send cleaning instructions to your team remotely
  • Track time and run payroll in minutes
  • Create, edit, and change team’s schedules easily
  • Do mobile inspections remotely to gain clients’ trust

Swept is perfect for yourCLEANERS

With Swept your cleaners can:

  • Request cleaning supplies so you never run out
  • Easily communicate with their managers in their language
  • Access Swept 24/7 through the app
  • Report problems so everyone is on the same page
  • Know where and when they are working in advance

Swept is perfect for yourCUSTOMERS

With Swept your clients can:

  • Give feedback and report problems
  • Message you when they need to
  • Be part of your inspection process
  • Send feedback to you through Public Surveys
  • Grow their trust in your company



“Swept has allowed us to do far more than time keeping. Our biggest win has been the increased communication with our team. We’re catching things that would have fallen through the cracks in the past.”

Ready to grow your franchise?

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Discover how Swept can transform your ServiceMaster franchiseGo beyond basic scheduling and time-keeping. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your franchise is performing.

Cleaning instructions that improve qualitySwept allows your cleaner to take the scope of work with them in the palm of their hand. Instant access to requirements prevents things from falling through the cracks.

Problem reporting that results in fewer complaints

Swept allows your team to notify you of issues before they leave a facility, so that you’re not hearing it from the client. Imagine notifying your customer that an issue was resolved before they were even aware of it!

Translation that lets you communicate in any language

Swept helps you avoid miscommunications with cleaners who speak different languages. Type something in your own native language and the app will translate it for you before sending.

… and so much more!

“Swept has greatly helped us to retain our current customers as well as add new customers. It’s hard to imagine how we ran our business without Swept software. We are better able to keep track of our employees time as well as know for sure they are on site. The inspection reports are very professional and our customers love them!”


ServiceMaster, KANKAKEE


ServiceMaster, EDMONTON

“The extra value I really enjoy with using the Swept app is that it’s on my phone, and that I can have interactions with the crews very quickly — as soon as something occurs on the job site.”

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