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Selecting Supply Partners Webinar

DATE: Wednesday, July 13th
TIME: 10:00 A.M. CST
HOSTED BY: Swept Technologies

To avoid the discomfort of having to always compete on price, janitorial supply companies try to add value to their clients in a number of ways.  Introducing clients to new products is a continual process.  Would you like to be the firm who can introduce your client to a completely new way of operating?

We seek a select number of janitorial supply partners that are keen on adding value to their clients by helping them be more efficient, and win more (more valuable) contracts.


Learn more about what Swept has to offer your Supplier business.


This webinar will provide an overview of Swept and our technology, why it is important to your clients, and how it can be valuable to you. You might be a fit if any of these situations ring true:

  • You strive to add value to your clients so that you retain their business
  • You want to empower your reps with unique offerings that get them conversations with current, and prospective clients
  • You want your clients to win more valuable contract to protect their purchasing power
  • You have clients who are disorganized when purchasing

If you want to equip your team with something new that will help them open doors and nurture existing relationships, then be sure to join us.