Meet Swept+

Swept+ is here!

The same swept mobile app you love with a new and improved design and an even better user experience.

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You thought it couldn’t be simpler? We found a way.

Here’s a sneak peak and what you’ll see in the new app

We’ve taken all your feedback over the years and worked closely with our customers to make our app even more user friendly, more intuitive and even easier to operate. And on top of that - there’s now room for more features coming your way soon.

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See what your day looks like with only a quick glance

The new Schedule shows cleaners and supervisors their day as soon as they sign into the app. Highlighting the time and location of each shift. Helpful shortcuts like clickable addresses opens your device’s map of choice and gives you directions to ensure you and your cleaners know where to be and how long it will take them to get there.

Know when your staff are onsite.. or not

Who has signed in, who’s late and who maybe didn’t show up.

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Report Problems as soon as they happen

Users can keep track of problems throughout their shift, not just at the end. The issues will then be logged at the end of the shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer we're available to chat! Just click on the chat icon

Why did you build Swept+?

This new mobile app is how we’ve rolled all your feedback into a better experience and improved platform. This app also gives us room for more new features in the future.

How much does the new app cost?

There is no additional cost to switch to Swept+

Are there Swept+ training videos for my managers/supervisors?

Yes. Training videos are available for managers/ supervisors HERE

Are there training videos for my cleaners?

Yes. Training videos are available in both English and Spanish:

Access English videos HERE

Access Spanish videos HERE

How do I turn on auto-updates to the Swept app?

Turn on auto updates on iPhone. More info HERE

Turn on auto updates on Android. More info HERE

What happens if one of my staff is still on a different version of the mobile app?

This will not present any issues. Both Swept+ and the legacy mobile app share the same data. All your information will be the same regardless of what mobile app you use.

Why can’t my cleaners sign into Swept+ with their phone number?

They most likely need to add the + and country code with their phone number. For example, 506-999-3454 would be put in as +15069993454 in US or Canada. Australian customers would start with +61 and UK customers +44.