Systems & Employee Retention – How They Work Together

Systems & Employee Retention- How They Work Together

with Toby Keeping & Sharon Cowan CBSE

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Here’s What You’ll Learn…

In the second of this two-part webinar series, Swept sales expert Toby Keeping and janitorial business expert Sharon Cowan will speak about the importance of systems in retaining staff.  From the time an employee is hired through to the day they opt to leave your company, your employees are exposed to a variety of systems.  Our hosts will speak about those systems, how they set expectations from those you hire, and how they can sometimes set you up for failure.

Sharon Cowan

Sharon is a business growth consultant, speaker, author, Janitorial Business specialist and entrepreneur.

She has over 27 years of experience in Janitorial Industry ownership and consulting. Sharon specializes in the development of emerging commercial janitorial and residential companies seeking profitable growth and diversification.

Toby Keeping

Toby Keeping has been working with Swept for over 3 years and has worked with hundreds of janitorial owners to research and acquire Swept. He regularly speaks with partners and larger customers on hiring, retention and sales. 

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