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Feature Announcement and Update


Office Pride

with toby keeping

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Here’s What We’re Discussing…

Like you, growing a business isn’t easy.  We’ve encountered peaks and valleys just like you.  With over 400 companies using Swept globally, we are proud to continually improve and have many more peaks on the horizon.Since meeting the Office Pride family, our system has greater stability, more features, and greater value than ever.  If you’ve never seen Swept, or looked at us before, we have some great things to show you….including a long-awaited feature your Office Pride peers requested!

Some items we’ll cover;

  • Release of TRAVEL TIME!
  • Greater payroll reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced management capabilities when out of the office
  • Changes to alerts
  • Very Special Offer!

Check out what other Office Pride Franchises say about Swept! http://Sweptworks.com/officepride

Presented by Toby Keeping

Toby Keeping has been working with Swept for over 3 years and has worked with hundreds of janitorial owners. He attended the 2017 Office Pride retreat, and has worked with all our Office Pride clients.

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