Swept Version 3.0 Release Notes

Manager Permissions

This new capability allows managers to be granted Admin privileges.  When enabled Admin Managers are now able to:

  • Add and manage other manager accounts
  • Restrict access to specific locations for managers
  • Manage notifications for specific locations
  • Enable / Disable access to the web app
  • Enable / Disable Manager's ability to message clients (Requires Client Messaging)
  • Enable / Disable Manager's ability to see and run reports in Swept
  • Enable / Disable Manager's ability to see and manage schedules for cleaners within Swept
  • Enable / Disable Manager's ability to conduct inspections (Requires Expand Subscriptions)
  • Provide ability for select managers to see and process supply requests

You can learn more of the details outlined in this support article. Please note that this feature needs to be activated for your account. Please contact support if you would like this enabled.

Mobile Alert Filters

Version 3.0 of the mobile app provides the manager more control over what alerts are displayed. This allows managers to specify selected alerts when viewing their list of Alerts. We've also made it quicker to Select and Archive your alerts. Managers can now select and archive multiple alerts at once.


Import Inspection Templates

In collaboration with a number of our customers, Swept has created inspection templates that can be imported into your account upon request. Just reach out and we can activate these new inspection templates for you and your team to use. ( Requires Inspection Module)

Poor Mood Alerts

Whenever a cleaner reports a poor mood on sign out, approved managers will be sent this new Alert. This feature is useful to connect with a cleaner that may be dis-engaged.

Display Cleaner's current signed in location

We've made it easier for a cleaner to know when they are currently signed into a specific location. When signed in they will now see a green icon next to the location and a green banner at the top of the list of their approved locations.


Default Approved Hours

When reconciling your payroll report, Scheduled Hours or Recorded Hours can be selected as the default setting for the approved values. This allows the report to be reconciled more quickly and prevents manual updates.

Default Location Timezone

The default timezone can now be set so that all future locations and managers timezone are automatically selected.

Improved Assignment Tool

Throughout Swept there are a number of locations where a manager is able to assign Cleaners, Locations and now Managers. this newly designed tool makes assigning cleaners and managers to locations a quicker process.