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Do You Really Need Janitorial Software?

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We are more than just software.

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If you're you're thinking of investing in software that will give you a competitive edge in today's challenging janitorial market, let us help convince you. Do you want a better business that enjoys steady growth, and processes that put dozens of hours back into your weekly schedule? Of course you do. We give you the tools needed to increase efficiency and communication across your janitorial business — from your cleaners to your clients — to get your days back, and stay competitive.

We are here to simplify your life

...and the lives of those touched by the janitorial industry

But what sets Swept apart is what we offer, which goes far beyond software, time tracking, and scheduling. Our promise is to deliver responsive customer service that you can depend on, regular online seminars, training programs and insight-driven ebooks, and regular content that offers value directed specifically at helping you grow your cleaning business.

We're Not Just your software solution...

We're your favourite software solution!

We don't want to sell you janitorial "software." We want to help you transform your janitorial business. Our customer success team is dedicated to highlighting your potential and growing your business. We make a conscious effort to get to know you and your company, and most importantly, we want to help you fix the problem that ultimately brought you here. If you want to stop running around putting out fires, and instead, start winning more contracts, keeping more cleaners, and building trust with customers. Let's talk!

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Swept is used by many companies just like yours to save time, improve communication, reduce costs, and organized the chaos. Watch our video tour to see the many ways Swept can help your business.


Go beyond basic scheduling and time tracking software. Get accurate, powerful insights into how your cleaning business is performing.

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