Why Swept?

Owning a cleaning company doesn’t have to be a constant headache

We understand...

...that sometimes dealing with challenges in a commercial cleaning company can feel a little bit like playing a never-ending game of "whack-a-mole.” We want you to put the bat down. Don’t let your problems drive your business, get in control with Swept.


Swept is operational software for commercial cleaning and janitorial businesses.

Swept keeps you informed so you feel confident and in control of your business. You will know your staff is at work, get ahead of issues before your client gets into the office in the morning, know that you aren’t doubling up on expenses like supplies and be able to monitor the health of your business all from the palm of your hand. We want you to sleep soundly at night knowing Swept is working for you.


Do I really need janitorial software?

Our software helps you communicate with clients and cleaners, manage employees time, supplies, inspections and issues so you can get back to growing your business. Still need more information? Check out this blog post about what janitorial software can do for you.

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Swept allowed us to drastically improve efficiency, accountability, and quality through its capabilities. This has resulted in happier customers and more profits. We are very pleased to have Swept as a partner for our operations!

Erik B.

We started using Swept over a year ago. I highly recommend this software!! We have approximately 100 employees and Swept has really helped us get a handle on managing many remote location and remote employees. It has also been very useful in marketing. It gives us a huge advantage when bidding new accounts.

Mark A.

We've been using the Swept app for a couple of years for our janitorial company. The Swept Software has kept our clock in/clock out process organized and its simple to use. I also really like the features of the Inspection Reports.

Ashley H.

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